Friday, 15 June 2012


HI, its been a while since my last blog. not much has changed done a couple cheat meals didnt have to but i did anyway kinda made me angry at my self for allowing it to happen, but on the good news ive started random exercising did a 9km walk for the hell of it, went from just walk to the park n back to ill go just a bit further to the other park then then just kept plotting along to the next destination till i decided i really should head back now recoving from 3 blister.

 It was nice just to get out in the sun and wind. started basic light weights mostly just arms ect but im buying more stuff next week hopefully incuding a set of scales and a kettle bell or 2. then its going to go off! havent been eating 2 stupid just enough to keep me off starving till night time then its pig out on junk food

As of next pay its going to go into stage 2 which means fasting and healthy food only im very keen on this happening its not so much im over junk food i could really keep eating more but im just sick of eating healthy throughout the day then shit at night i just want to get into the fat dropping zone and start kicking my arse into gear. ive been wanting to go to crossfit but a thing called $$ is killing me.

So im just doing wat i can my self nothing insain nothing crazy just doing my thing fittness wise. i really wanna get some fittness clothing since i dont have my normal stuff i dont wanna use it. i deffinitly need some new shoes for walking and such but once again $. im now rambling on bout same shit so i think im done on this blog tonight on my final words thro i have started watching this on youtube i really must give him a ton of credit! its really good to see someone pushing them selfs just for them selfs first then family ect after. its helping me want to go do more exercise and to start pushing my self! also ive downloaded the u.s army fittness program so i can get some more exersises to do at home to help my self loose weight. ive also been watching human weapon since i love martial arts and its really helping me want to get into martial arts training which of cause will help me loose weight and gain a ton of skills.

 Anyway thats it from me


Saturday, 9 June 2012

3rd day in all is going well!

HI! as the title says we are into our 3rd day into our new life style, YAY for us, so you might be thinking what have we had to eat well so far between casey and i we have drunk 26.6ltrs of water holly wow thats alot, for food we have been sticking to the diet.

 we have had 2 apples, 1 banana a ton of grapes, bacon & eggs, carrat, celery and also a mandarin through out the day, then for dinner we have had the junk food to get our bodys sick of these bad foods, so far its been burgers, chips, nachos each night so far we have felt a bit disgusted and our bodys have not felt right from eating this type of food, also as the cave man power website said we are starting to want good healthy food expecially after eating what we eat for dinner.

 we both have had no soft drink cravings, our bodys are starting to feel less bloated from all the grains we have not eaten, were starting to get more energy and when we start stage 2 of this diet we will start to see even better results. i have been having minor headaches from the detoxing through out the day.

To Finish up on todays post casey and and i are feeling quite good body wise.


Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Hi! Welcome to Primal Caveman. Firstly I'd like to thank you for checking out my blog. Here at Primal Caveman I will be starting my new journey into becoming primal and hope to share my success and pain with you. I recommend that you check out this website; it is where my partner Casey and I have read up on and consequently decided that it is time to make a new begining, to turn our old tired selves into primal beings, being healthy, fit, energetic and full of life.
For too long have we stood back and let go of our past; we have gotten lazy over the last 10,000 years, when hunters turned into farmers; instead of hunting their food they pulled a lot of it out of the ground. Suddenly houses went up, towns and citys then took shape and all was lost. Today is the day to make that change. No more will I rely on grains and  processed food. I am making this change! How many of you will join us to become Primal?