Tribe Leaders!

HI! In this post we're going to get personal. Here we are going to tell you about our selves so you can see how we were and the reasons why we decided to change our lives for the better. Each week we will give you a run down on what foods and how much water we have had. We will be giving you our measurements so you can see the fat dropping off and how our bodys are taking shape, how much exercise we are doing to help show you just a simple walk every day will boost the primal diet in helping you lose weight.
So first off my name is Justin and I am the leader of this tribe. The reason why I have decided to take this on is because I get acid reflux from the preservatives in some processed foods. I have always been overweight ever since high school; as soon as I hit boarding school I could have 2 or sometimes up to 3 servings of food in the mess hall. This soon got me over weight and even though I played sports, it just wasn't enough to make me loose weight. A few years on I now have a wonderful partner and a 3 year old daughter. Losing this weight means I will be able to kick the ball down at the park with my daughter and not want to or need to take a seat. Being able to keep up with her and to have as much energy as she does would be awesome, to be healthier, have lower cholesterol, have more energy for work and just have a better life style. The biggest reason I want to loose this weight, apart from my own reasons, is for my fiancee. She deserves a man in her life who is fit and able to do things around the house instead of sitting in front of the tv because he is too lazy. I am sick of opening the fridge or freezer and just seeing rubbish food; box of this and box of that. It's really a sickening way to eat. Yes it's cheaper but its not doing any good for my body. I'd rather pay a little more now and make my self feel better then a lot of money being wasted down the track for medical expenses that could be avoided.

Now for part two I am going to reveal infomation to you that I am not proud of: my measurements and weight.

Weight 121kg /266Lbs
Chest 123.5cm / 48.62"
Neck 47.5cm / 18.7"
Upper Arm 41cm /16.14"
Thigh 73.5cm / 28.9"
Waist 118.5cm / 46.65"
Hips 120cm / 47.24''
Calf 41cm / 16.14''
Stomach 129cm / 50.78''

Every fortnight I will blog my weight and measurements so you can see the differences.
And now let me introduce the other tribe leader, my fiancee Casey.

Hi, everyone, Casey here (aka Phoenix on my own author/reviewer blog). My reasons behind this lifestyle change aren't all that different from Justin's. I want to be able to up and go for a walk for the hell of it without worrying about chaffing, when we move at the end of next year and get dogs I want to be able to run with them along the beach. When I go clothes shopping, I want to be able to chose clothes with ease and not get depressed at the sizes that don't fit even though I swear they should. I have a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to wear for years, and even when I did buy them they weren't the best fit; I want to be able to wear them better than ever. I want to be the best me I can be, for myself, for Justin and for Jayde. I am not able to be that as I am. I want to be able to get my dream wedding dress when we eventually get married; I want to be light enough that Justin can carry me over the threshold afterwards. Cliche I know, but parts of me are really girly-girl, as much as I try to deny it!

So enough of that, now it's my turn for measurements.

Weight: 113kg (249lbs)
Chest 119cm/46.85"
Neck 39.5cm/15.55"
Upper Arm 42cm/16.54"
Thigh 79.5cm/31.3"
Waist 108cm/42.52"
Hips 126cm/49.6"
Calf 45cm/17.72"
Stomach 139cm/54.72"

I'm aiming to get down to approximately 70-75kg (154-165lbs) depending on my shape and size. I haven't been this weight since primary school. I lived down the road from the primary school, so I always got home with plenty of time to run around outside while it was still light. Once I reached high school however, I wouldn't get home until an hour to an hour and a half later and with the longer days, I was too tired (and getting too old in my mind) to go play the same silly games outside. So slowly the weight crept up on me. It doesn't help that I also have no thyroid gland, and am on medication to replace the hormones that would be produced otherwise. I wasn't all that bad, however, until I got pregnant. I really allowed the weight to pile on then, and ever since, those kilos have been extremely difficult to budge. I am fed up with starting healthy eating and exercising but not sticking at it for more than a couple weeks. It is time to change.

More motivation for myself has been seeing a couple friends of mine and their drastic changes in weight. Seeing their hard work paying off shows me that it can be done. I mean, come on. Those ads on tv for those machines aren't that effective because we haven't seen their progress, rather than just "before" and "after" shots. This is another reason for the blog; to keep track of our progress to not only help ourselves stay motivated but to hopefully help readers have hope by watching our own progress. So join us on our lifestyle changing journey, to become the people we want to be!

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