Saturday, 9 June 2012

3rd day in all is going well!

HI! as the title says we are into our 3rd day into our new life style, YAY for us, so you might be thinking what have we had to eat well so far between casey and i we have drunk 26.6ltrs of water holly wow thats alot, for food we have been sticking to the diet.

 we have had 2 apples, 1 banana a ton of grapes, bacon & eggs, carrat, celery and also a mandarin through out the day, then for dinner we have had the junk food to get our bodys sick of these bad foods, so far its been burgers, chips, nachos each night so far we have felt a bit disgusted and our bodys have not felt right from eating this type of food, also as the cave man power website said we are starting to want good healthy food expecially after eating what we eat for dinner.

 we both have had no soft drink cravings, our bodys are starting to feel less bloated from all the grains we have not eaten, were starting to get more energy and when we start stage 2 of this diet we will start to see even better results. i have been having minor headaches from the detoxing through out the day.

To Finish up on todays post casey and and i are feeling quite good body wise.


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